EQUINOX-3D Screenshots

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All 3D models on this page were built with EQUINOX-3D.

Robot, work in progress (Gabor Nagy)

Female robot, work in progress.
Started from a hemisphere for the head and a front and side view of a reference drawing of the female body, and mostly used these tools:
  • Edit polygons
  • Mirror
  • Revolve
  • Subdivision surface (not released yet)
And to cut the body into movable segments, I used:
  • Extrude along Spline with the new Snap to surface feature (not released yet).
  • Boolean (not released yet)

Spitfire, work in progress by Andrew Beardmore, U.K.
Spitfire model (a work in progress) by Andrew Beardmore in England.
He used the Skin tool and the Mirror tool.

R22 helicopter model (work in progress)
Using the Skin, Mirror and Revolve tools.

Bulldozer model (work in progress)
Used the Extrude, Revolve and Skin tools, the Terrain primitive etc.

Multi-texturing example

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